Translation Services

Tegarty Translation offers translation services to anyone who needs one or more documents translated from

 German         English 

Every project is translated by a native English speaker, licensed health care professional, and language service provider. Additional services include editing, proofreading, and localization.

 Specialized in medical, healthcare, and pharmaceutical-related texts 

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 Send your project to this email with your contact details and some information about the document(s) you would like to have translated from German into English.

Areas of Specialization

 Medical, Healthcare, and Pharmaceuticals 

· Journals, articles, blogs, and continuing education material

· Pharmaceutical-related documents, products, and consumer information

· Immunology, medical documents, and clinical trials

· Research contracts, laboratory reports, and patient information

· Medical technology, equipment manuals, and consumer devices

 Miscellaneous Areas of Interest 

· Real estate

· Travel and tourism

· Business letters and other correspondences

· Employee handbooks and training documents

· Contracts and service agreements

· Birth and death certificates

· Genealogy-related documents

· Transcripts, diplomas, and other academic records

· Sewing, patterns, and textile-related information

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