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I appreciate you coming back to read more from FluentAli, a blog I created to talk about the translation industry and the work I do as an independent German into English translator. Today's topic is #traveling and #studyabroad. The beautiful weather is bringing back memories of some of my adventures traveling abroad. So, I figured I would share a few highlights from some of the trips I took many years ago.

The first trip I took abroad was a life-changing experience, to say the least. I was in college, back in 2013, and I decided that a study abroad trip to Germany would be perfect to help me learn to speak German better and to experience life in another country. My main destination was #Berlin! I enrolled in a few classes at the Humboldt University of Berlin, packed my bags, and kissed my boyfriend goodbye. I traveled by myself, but made many friends while I was there and luckily had someone to fly back home with afterward. What a tough thing to do! I had never been completely out of my comfort zone like this before, but I was determined to be open-minded, to have a good time, and learn as much as possible along the way.

The flight across the Atlantic Ocean from the United States was SO LONG! I had never flown this far before though, so it was going to feel long no matter what. The first place I landed in was #London, England. I stayed there for the weekend and did some sightseeing. Some places I enjoyed visiting were Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminister Abbey, and of course all the trendy shopping spots around town.

[Links to all the historical sites and attractions I visited during this trip have been provided throughout the text and at the end of the blog post.]

[Images from London, England are shown below.]

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After a nice weekend in the UK, I flew straight to Berlin, Germany, where the real adventure began! It was evident how unique #Berlin was right away. Some landmarks and historical sites that I visited while touring the city were the Berlin Cathedral, Brandenburg Gate, East Side Gallery, Berlin Wall Memorial, Checkpoint Charlie, Victory Column, Topography of Terror, and the German Historical Museum. It was nice to explore the busy city as if I were one of Berlin's own, but I'm sure I stood out as an American to everyone who saw me. Some of my favorite memories are riding through the city on the U-Bahn or S-Bahn with friends I made at the University and finding delicious restaurants to eat at for lunch or finding something fun to do after class. It was especially nice that the weather was warm and sunny almost every day I was in Germany and the people I surrounded myself with were upbeat, fun, and adventurous, just like me.

[Images from Berlin, Germany are shown below.]

[I may not own the rights to some of the photos shown below.]

At one point, I made my way down the Spree River on a boat ride.

Some of the views were absolutely beautiful!

There's no doubt in my mind, I will be visiting Berlin again, even if it's only passing through.

Another side trip I took was to Prague, Czech Republic. On the train ride there, I noticed how stunning the scenery was. I even saw some castles in the hills! I actually passed through #Dresden on my way to #Prague and stopped for a shopping trip and to visit some of the local castles and other sites there. I took some time to see the Frauenkirche Dresden, Dresden Castle, Pillnitz Castle, and the Fürstenzug, among others.

[Images from the trip to Dresden, Germany are shown below.]

Eventually, I made it to Prague. What an adorable and culture-rich city! I had the pleasure of seeing some of the oldest structures in Europe in person and it was really breathtaking. My favorite sites to visit were the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Prague Astronomical Clock, St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Town Bridge Tower, and I spent some time experiencing some of the nightlife in the center of town with a few friends. Next time I go to Prague, I would love to see the Golden Lane, which is a street of brightly colored adorable little houses from the 17th century. I can't get enough of the history in Prague. Everywhere you turn you can see stunning architecture and beautiful gothic cathedrals.

[Images from Prague, Czech Republic are shown below.]

I know, my photos aren't the best quality - some are digital and some are photocopies from old scrapbooks I made. I'm going to learn to take better photos soon so I can frame them and display them as art around my office or even around my home and obviously post about relevant trips in a nice digital format. Now that everyone is online due to #COVID19, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my memories on here for anyone to view at any time. Also, for your convenience, I created links to all of the historical sites and places I mentioned for anyone who would like to plan a trip post-COVID. Surprisingly, some of the links I provided do have the option to view the attractions in a 3D virtual tour. So, you can tour some of these historical places from home!

Travel is a growing passion of mine. I have traveled to several places around the globe and plan to expand that list and create even more memories to scrapbook about and cherish. I did not include all of my activities during my trip in this post. Maybe I can expand on some of these places in a future post, but this is all I have time to talk about today. Thank you for reading my new blog post for FluentAli! Next month, I'll be writing about another topic that is more related to the #Translation Industry.

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[Links to all the historical sites and attractions I visited during this trip have been provided at the end of the blog post.]

Have a wonderful weekend! Stay healthy and be safe!

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Links to the attractions mentioned in this post:

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