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Hello and Good Afternoon!

This is the first blog post of 2021 for a new a blog I'm calling, FluentAli.

FluentAli is a blog about translation, languages, travel, and more! First, I want to give my readers a good look at who I am and what my intentions are as a professional. I hope the blog is helpful and even inspires someone to step out and share their experiences within the fast-growing global translation market.

My name is Alex Tegarty, I am an independent translator working under the name Tegarty Translation. I am located near Cleveland, Ohio, USA and my native language is American-English. My professional goals are to become a well-known pharmaceutical and medical translator working with the German to English language pair. In my spare time, I like to sew, practice calligraphy-style writing, I am just a novice, and I like to learn other languages too, such as Sign Language, some Italian, and some Spanish. If I can expand into these other areas of interest, that would be a plus! I am not yet an expert in the pharmaceutical field, but I am working hard every day to build my skillset and enhance my understanding of the field.

During the day, I work on translations and anything involving my translation business and in the evening and on weekends, I work as a Registered Pharmacy Technician for a local retail pharmacy. I like to keep my schedule busy, but I still have to make time for my family. That is something I can easily look over if there is a lot going on in the translation industry. I've been married since 2016 and my husband and I have a daughter, who is almost 2 years old now. She is already learning Sign Language and German, along with English, and it is so amazing to see her learn and grow! I hope she will grow to love languages as I do.

Tegarty Translation was founded in 2017, which is also when I connected with my first client. With a 5-star rating on my translation services, I was so excited to begin my translation career with a bang. However, things got a little slow, mostly because I didn't know how to market my services or network with the right people, so I started working as a Pharmacy Technician in 2018 to supplement my career. Since then, I've had training in areas such as pharmacy foundations, accepting prescriptions, pharmacy technician workflow, quality assurance standards, compounding and processing basics, PSE/E training, Covid-19 vaccine information, DEA regulatory training, Medicare Part B - retail, Medicare Part C and D compliance, digital prescription and workflow adoption training, immunization basics, NIOSH Hazardous Drug Handling training, hazardous waste training - retail pharmacy, drug disposal and material safety and security training, advanced inventory management, Third Party Plans and audits, Opioid to OTC training, privacy awareness, patient care, data entry and insurance cards or Third Party cards, iPLEDGE REMS program training, and more - I can go on... In December, 2018, I took the Ohio Registered Pharmacy Technician Exam and became a Registered Pharmacy Technician, RPhT. I have also completed over 20 continuing education courses related to the Pharmacy Technician position. Many courses included information about controlled substances, brand name and generic drugs, pharmacy calculations, medication error prevention, pediatric pain management, specialty drugs, medication for Opioid Use Disorder, understanding drug allergies, Federal Pharmacy Law, communication skills, HIPAA Privacy 2020, drug inventory management, sensitivity training, and more. I will continue to take these courses until I become a Certified Pharmacy Technician, CPhT, or until my career takes me in a new direction. I like to keep my options open for better opportunities, although stability is nice.

Regarding my background in translation, I have acquired a Bachelor of Science Degree in German Translation with a Concentration in Medicine. I have spent 6 years studying the German language, German translation, and studying areas such as microbiology, cell biology, animal physiology, genetics, psychology, chemistry laboratory and theory courses, organic chemistry, history, advanced writing, technical writing, human communication, and other life-science math courses. I found several of these courses very interesting and would be interested in expanding my services to translating these areas if the opportunity came in the near future, but for now, my main focus is on pharmaceutical and medical field translations, since I am not an expert in many of the subject areas I have listed above. The coursework I have completed for the German Translation Degree included translation of special texts, translation theory courses, advanced composition and conversation, business texts, and advanced translation practice - writing intensive. Along side all of these courses, I also managed to take several business and cultural courses related to German and translation.

You could say, I've been busy, but I like to say, I've been productive! Every year I try to make a goal for myself, whether it be personal or professional. This year, I decided to start this blog in order to raise awareness of translation services offered globally and to grow the network for my business Tegarty Translation.

I hope this gives you a good idea of what my training and background looks like! I will be posting more on the FluentAli blog every month on topics related to translation, languages, travel and much more!

For information about my professional translation services visit: www.tegtranslation.com/services

This website is also available to read in German!

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Thank you for reading my FIRST blog post for FluentAli! Next month's post will be about translation services, language pairs, and more!

Kindest regards,

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