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Making Plans for 2018

Despite the countless hours I've spent advertising and marketing my services online, there's not a whole lot going on with medical translation at my level of translating. I have decided to spend my time going back to review the basics of translating. Reading and writing are the best ways to keep up with a language, when there's no possibility of traveling in the near future.

My husband and I are looking to buy a house by next year so we can start planing for our future. Both of us are in the beginning of our careers right now, and there's so much to look forward to, which makes us very happy! It also makes us realize that with those future plans, that means no traveling and no trips for a while. Therefore, I do a lot of reading in both German and English, in a variety of subject areas. Since we cannot travel in order to improve my language skills, I try to make my home as "German" as I can, when it comes to reading or writing, or watching any movies, or television.

Fortunately, almost all of my college notes and resources have been kept organized and ready for reference. As I am waiting for suitable translation jobs, I am taking the time to freshen up my basic language skills, in order to avoid little mistakes when the time comes to translate something more difficult. My plan for the next few months, is to translate things that I feel comfortable translating, such as brochures, correspondences, etc. When the new year comes, I will be opening up my schedule so I can take on more difficult projects, and so I can devote more time to freelancing.

In the end, next year marks another big step for my small business. I am nervous, anxious, probably over-prepared, but most of all, I am ready to make a name for myself, by working diligently and producing high-quality translations for all of my clients, worldwide.

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