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Women in Translation

August is Women in Translation Month!

In honor of WiT (Women in Translation) Month, I wanted to share a couple of websites for those interested in literary translation into English. There are so many books from around the world that could be translated, but in the link I shared below, there is a good selection of books by women writers from Slovakia, that should be translated for the sake of those who love to read literature in English (or only know how to read in English). Making them available for English speakers, could open up a different point of view for said readers, which opens up a whole new market for the women writers living in underrepresented countries. The purpose of this post is to spread awareness about the writers of other languages that have their own viewpoints and experiences they would like to share with the world through literature. The descriptions of these books and about these authors' lives are captivating and, in my opinion, easy to relate to. So, why shouldn't they be translated? All I know, is if someone translated any of the books listed, I would absolutely read in support of women authors all around the world.



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