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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between a translator and an interpreter?

A translator converts written or typed text from one language into another. Translators can work in-house for a translation agency, or they can work remotely as independent translators or language service providers. Translation of important information requires more time, often several days, to make sure it is accurate and well-written. A translator must be an excellent reader and writer in two or more languages.

An interpreter converts spoken or signed language from one language into another. Interpreters can work in person, over the phone, or using live chat software. Interpreters must have great communication skills and must be fluent in speaking two or more languages. The range of skills interpreters need goes beyond what is mentioned here.

How do I submit my project for translation from German into English?

Send your document(s) to the translator's email address:

She will respond within 24-48 hours with a quote for your project. Fill out the 'Get a Quote' form, or send Alex an email with your document attached and include the following information: 

1. Your first and last name

2. Your email address

(It is only used to contact you about your project or following up about your experience working with Tegarty Translation)

3. Your phone number

4. Description of the document(s)

5. Word count (estimated)

6. Turnaround time or deadline date

7. Format of the final translation to be returned (Word, PDF, PPT, HTML, etc.)

8. Additional information

(I.e.: "Do not translate certain parts of the text," "Editing and proofreading of final translation are required," "...or not required," etc.)

What are the benefits of working with Tegarty Translation?

Each client will communicate directly with Alex Tegarty, the translator, and not with multiple project managers or miscellaneous staff. Be specific about your project requirements so Alex can work hard to make your translation as close to perfect at possible.

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Who can I contact for assistance with my project?

The founder of Tegarty Translation is Alex Tegarty. She is also the translator, or language service provider. If you need to contact Alex, the best method is by email or the contact form

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